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hold Green Fog & Mørup lamp

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Green Fog & Mørup lamp
Article number3802
DescriptionLarge green glass lamp pending from a teak wooden wall mount. The design of this lamp is attributed to Jacob E. Bang for Fog & Mørup (Denmark). The glass lampshade is dark green from the outside and white on the inside. When the lamp is on, the green glass lights up.
Dimensions Height glass: 41 cm
Ø glass: 12 cm
Height wooden frame: 32 cm

Designer Jacob E. Bang
Manufacturer Fog & Mørup
Materials Glass
Teak wood

Condition Good condition
Price € 345.00

Location Warehouse Woudenberg

Raak - Lucifero

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Raak - Lucifero
Article number3803
Description60s wall lamp from the Dutch manufacturer Raak. The name of this Mid Century Dutch Design classic is Lucifero / Quinquet. The wall bracket is made of black coated metal, the milk glass hangs in a black metal ring, the cap is light copper colored aluminum and is loosely slid over the milk glass.
Dimensions Height: 38 cm
Depth: 16.5 cm
Width: 12 cm

Manufacturer Raak, Netherlands
Materials White matte glass
Black metal frame
Copper colored shade

Condition Good condition
Price € 175.00

Location Warehouse Woudenberg
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sold Artimeta lamp

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Artimeta lamp
Article number3794
DescriptionRare tripod floor lamp designed in 1957 by H. Klingele. Model Lugano. This floor lamp consists of three black lacquered metal legs, a metal handle and a hood of 'sprayed fiberglass'. This tripod lamp looks spectacular and shines softly. A Dutch mid century modern jewel!
Dimensions Height: 114 cm
Ø base: 36 cm

Period 1957
Designer H. Klingele
Manufacturer Artimeta, Netherlands
Materials Black lacquered metal
Sprayed fiberglass shade

Condition Good vintage condition; spot with some discoloring on shade and top ring a bit bended (see pics)
Price Sold out. Location Warehouse Woudenberg
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Panton Beam Floor Lamp

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Panton Beam Floor Lamp
Article number3779
DescriptionA simple but robust metal design with of a cross-shaped foot on casters which supported an in height-adjustable stand and a horse-shoe shaped holder for the swivelling, spotlight-type lamp made of lacquered sheet metal.
Dimensions Height: 115 - 160 cm
Base: 37 x 37 cm

Period 1998
Designer Verner Panton
Manufacturer Innovation A/S, Denmark
Materials Lacquered metal
Condition Good vintage condition; traces of use consistent with age
Price € 150.00

Location Warehouse Woudenberg
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hold sold Hala wall light

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Hala wall light
Article number3774
DescriptionHala double wall lamp. A white and a yellow cap, perforated with small asterisks. The hoods are attached to the wall plate with a brass bendable arm. The white cap is professionally repainted.
Dimensions Length 1 shade: 14 cm
Ø shade 11 cm

Manufacturer Hala, Zeist, Netherlands
Materials Lacquered metal

Condition Good vintage condition;
Location Warehouse Woudenberg
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Verner Panton Flower Pot

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Verner Panton Flower Pot
Article number3763
DescriptionFlower Pot, designed by Verner Panton in 1968. The Flower Pot consists of two half-spheres; A big one and a small one. The small half-sphere hangs in ánd under the large half-sphere and shields the light source. The inside of this small half-sphere is pink. Because of this pink color the light is pleasant, soft. These lamps are made of original enamelled industrial metal. The lamps are rewired with black fabric wires.
Dimensions Ø 22 cm
Height: 15 cm

Period 1968
Designer Verner Panton
Manufacturer Louis Poulsen, Denmark
Materials Enameled metal
Porcelain socket

Condition Vintage condition; each lamp has 3 emanel damaged spots (see pics)
Quantity 2
Price € 225.00

Location Warehouse Woudenberg
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Counter balance lamp by Anvia

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Counter balance lamp by Anvia
Article number3752
DescriptionDark brown counter balance lamp designed by Hoogervorst for Anvia. You can turn the horizontal tube 360 degrees. Due to the counterweight, the lamp shade can be hung higher or lower and you can also turn the shade. With this spectacular pendant light, you can light up your place any way you want.
Dimensions Total width: 180 cm
Ø Shade: 30 cm
Height shade: 15 cm
Height vertical tube: 65 cm

Designer J.J.M. Hoogervorst
Manufacturer Anvia, Netherlands
Materials Laqeured metal

Condition Good vintage condition; shade has some scratches (see pics)
Price € 650.00

Location Warehouse Woudenberg
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Wall light with swing arm

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Wall light with swing arm
Article number3741
Description60s wall lamp with swing arm. The reach of this lamp is high because of its swing arm: you can turn the lamp 180 degrees from its place on the wall. The swing arm consists of two parts with a hinge point. Thus, one arm can make a completely different angle and turn than the other arm. A playful effect. But the hood can also turn through the ball hinge, so you can easily light your ceiling with this wall lamp for a nice atmosphere or light out an armchair. This lamp is probably Dutch and has a black metal wall pad, a swing arm, an aluminum fitting holder and a blue-gray painted metal cap that is off-white on the inside.
Dimensions Max length: 75 cm
Ø shade: 26 cm

Materials Metal and aluminum
Condition Good vintage condition; scratch on shade (see pic)
Price € 275.00

Location Shop Utrecht
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Set glass and brass wall lights

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Set glass and brass wall lights
Article number3739
DescriptionSet of three 'glass and brass' wall lights. Two pieces with two lamps and a single lamp. The lamps have a square shaped yellow copper base, a white lacquered metal arm and a "checkered" milk glass shades. Beautiful and stylish.
All these lamps have a drawstring and can be attached directly to a wall socket.
1 piece with 2 lamps is sold.

Dimensions Double: 24,5 x 12,5 x 22,5 cm (lxdxh)
Single: 6,5 x 12,5 x 23,5 cm (lxdxh)

Materials Yellow Copper

Condition Good vintage condition; some lacquer damages at white border
Quantity 3
Price € 550.00
The double lamps are 225 euro each, the single lamp is 150 euro. The price as a set is 550 euro.

Location Storage basement shop Utrecht
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Wall lights - Raak

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Wall lights - Raak
Article number3652
DescriptionSet of wall lamps by Raak (wokkels), made of playfully curled metal. On the outside, the lights are aluminum, the inside is white lacquered metal. The lamps are connected and have a small drawstring.
Dimensions Height: 30 cm
Width: 6 cm
Depth: 10 cm

Manufacturer Raak, Amsterdam, Netherlands
Materials Aluminum
White lacquered metal

Condition Good condition
Price € 250.00
for the set

Location Warehouse Woudenberg
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